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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ragnarok Online 0 Delay sprite by Mankana

This guide show how to modify your sprites so that you don't have a client side after cast delay anymore. Thats useful to spam Sonic Blow. NOTE: DON'T Tell anyone that you are using this because you maybe reported to your game master.

Thats not me, just picked it randomly.

Required Programs

- Gryff is a .grf editor, just extract it somewhere

- actOR is a sprite editor and you can create the required .act files with it
same as Gryff, just extract it somewhere

At first, make a Backup of your data.grf before you mess up something.
Open your data.grf with Gryff,

File -> Open -> select your .grf file

Once its open it should look like this:

Now you have to extract the Sprite models and the .act files, they are located at


male - 남
female - 여

You can extract them one by one or over the treeview. Extracting a whole

Alright, once you extracted your desired sprite with the .act file you have to rename them because there are problems with korean letters, but don't
forget to save the origin name somewhere, like in a text file.

Now you are able to open them with actOR (be sure your full path don't
include any korean characters)

File -> Open -> sprite

Should look like this, i took the High Priest for example.

Now we have to remove the frames thats used for the skill animation, leaving
the first (otherwise your RO client will crash).
Over the direction field is the action selector, search the one thats used for
skills, for the Highpriest its act12. If you arn't sure if you have selected the
correct one just play the action and you will see it.

Once you picked the correct one open "Edit Frame..." at the menu bar, a new
window will pop up. Select the first option and remove all frames EXCEPT the
first. You now should have one frame left, if you play the action nothing happens.

You have removed the frames for the front side now, but you are missing 7
more sides , just chose another direction at the middle of the window and
redo the same as before.

Now you should save the sprite and the act. Just save the sprite over the
menu bar, but attention: I got errors as i saved the act file over the menu bar
too, so just close the program, a prompt will pop up and ask if you want to
save the .act file.

After you saved everything, rename them to the origin name. Go back to the
directory where you extracted your sprite and add your new one, you can
simply overwrite it AFTER you made a backup of it.
rightclick into the file list -> Add File(s)
Just to remember:
male - 남
female - 여
The last step is to save the .grf file (Ctrl + s) and be happy.

You may have to edit more then one frame for skill animations
credits goes to me (Mankana)